What is Anamorphic Art or Anamorphosis ?

Anamorphic art refers to distorted projection or drawing that creates an optical illusion of a  three-dimensional or a realistic tangible two-dimensional image when viewed from a particular angle or vantage point. It is also known as anamorphic illusion or anamorphosis. People often become confused between optical illusion and 3D art. However, they are not the same.

Firstly, optical illusion means, a misleading image presented to the vision. That means anamorphic art or anamorphic illusion also belongs to the same category as an optical illusion. As we can say that every illusion which is anamorphic will be considered as an optical illusion. But not every optical illusion is an anamorphic illusion. For example, Mirage is an optical illusion but it does not belong to the category of anamorphic illusion. 

Now, what is 3D art? Anamorphic art or illusion is also treated as 3D art because it looks like a 3D image, but 3D art or design is used mainly in industries like animation, gaming, architecture, 3D printing, and industrial design.

Anamorphic art usually takes a long time to complete and it is quite calculative. Yet, it is very unique and popular in all over the world. 

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